Dust extractors

  • Single-phase

    Single-phase (6)

    Introducing our high-performance single-phase dust extractors, expertly engineered to effortlessly handle the most challenging cleaning tasks. Our extractors are equipped with powerful 1200W motors, ensuring exceptional performance and efficiency. Our S2 and S3 dust extractors are not only powerful but also incredibly portable, thanks to their manageable weight. Effortlessly relocate them to your desired location. Choose from two voltage options:…
  • Three-phase

    Three-phase (5)

    Introducing our high-performance three-phase dust extractors, designed to effectively tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks. Our extractors have an impressive airflow of 600m3, ensuring efficient and thorough capture of dust and debris. Our extractors are equipped with four conical polyester pre-filters and an H13 HEPA filter, ensuring exceptional filtration. This advanced filtration system effectively traps dust and allergens, resulting in…

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