• VA 10 L

    VA 10 L (1)

    The VA 10 L is a specialized tool for effectively roughening and cleaning small areas and tight corners. The product features a convenient swivel handgrip for enhanced usability. Moreover, the machine is specifically engineered to operate efficiently using a 230V household mains supply. Different applications can be accommodated by using a variety of cutters.
  • FR 200

    FR 200 (8)

    200 mm working width. The FR 200 is a versatile machine that can handle a wide range of tasks, including efficient cleaning and effective removal of pavement markings. The machine's compact size and easy handling make it perfect for precise work on small or medium surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • VA 25 S

    VA 25 S (3)

    250 mm working width. The VA 25 S is the ideal machine for medium to large surfaces. The VA 25 S is a flexible tool that provides the utmost user comfort and efficiency, thanks to its vibration absorber and infinite variable depth adjuster. Different applications can be accommodated by using a variety of cutters. This product is available in both…
  • VA 30 S

    VA 30 S (6)

    300 mm working width. Ideal for roughening, grooving, cleaning, or removing layers on paved surfaces. The VA 30 S' infinite variable depth adjuster enables seamless adaptation to any surface. The job becomes more pleasant and efficient with the inclusion of a vibration absorption system and user-friendly handling. The VA 30 S is a heavy-duty surface preparation machine that effortlessly glides…
  • VA 30 SH

    VA 30 SH (5)

    300 mm working width. The VA 30 SH with hydraulic traction is the optimal option for demanding cleaning and roughening tasks. This machine's agility is attributed to its hydraulic traction, making it incredibly user-friendly. This product is perfect for efficiently cleaning expansive concrete surfaces, eliminating concrete slurry, dirt, plastic, or enhancing the texture of smooth surfaces. It is commonly utilized…

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