• Scarifiers

    Scarifiers (23)

    Crafted for top performance in surface work, with vibration absorption and user-friendly features for enhanced comfort.
  • Shavers

    Shavers (9)

    Our shavers provide precise surface grinding without the need for chipping, delivering a smooth, polished result through diamond blade-embedded drums for accurate material removal.
  • Floor Scrapers

    Floor Scrapers (3)

    Floor scraper machines are motorized, self-propelled tools with oscillating stripper heads designed for efficient removal of flooring layers.
  • Pneumatic tools

    Pneumatic tools (25)

    Discover our top-performing pneumatic tools – Scabblers, Chisel Hammers, and Needle Scallers, perfect for smoothing rough surfaces, removing various materials, and restoring uneven surfaces, enhancing your toolkit's versatility.
  • Dust Extractors

    Dust Extractors (11)

    Durable Dust Extractors seamlessly integrate with various tools, featuring H13 HEPA filters, JetPuls cleaning, Longopac collection, and high-quality suction hoses.