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DTF 25 SH LPG, Vanguard, propane

Working width 250mm.
The DTF 25 SH “grinds off” the surface instead of chipping it. The machine operates smoothly and peacefully. DTF 25 SH drums have diamond blades. The substance is precisely removed. Two diamond blades are available for grooving or milling: rough and smooth. To avoid diamond blade overheating, connect the water cooling system before operating the machine. An 11 kW electrical variant with hydraulic propulsion is offered.

SKU: 800076V
Engine/power Vanguard, propane
Wattage/HP 23 Kw/31 HP
Weight 240 Kg/529 lbs
Working width 25 cm/10″
Distance to wall 6.7 cm/2.6″
Depth hard concrete 10 mm/.40″
Depth softer concrete 12 mm/.48″
Production/h Up to 968 f2/h, 90 m2/h
Dimensions cm/inch 115x48x115/45x19x45
Standard cutters included 73 pcs of 5”, 125 mm diamond blades

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